FRIDAY FIVE – Safe + Friendly DOG Toys

Today’s FRIDAY FIVE by Courtney Faulkner Founder of The Fairy Dog Mama   This interactive toy is great in so many ways! Not only is it made from eco-friendly materials, but it entertains your dog with mental stimulation, which is a crucial part of every dog’s life! Insert their favourite treats, and they are occupied in… Continue reading FRIDAY FIVE – Safe + Friendly DOG Toys


Meet Anjan Sachar, a beauty editor from Mumbai, India

A Fall Cocktail Recipe

THE HOTTEST FALL COCKTAILS 2020 Combining their professional mixology backgrounds and creative artistic spirit, five Vancouver bartenders share their original recipe for a fall inspired cocktail that you can shake and sip, from the safety of your home. Each Friday we will be featuring of one these artistic mixers and their recipe for a delightful cozy cocktail.    Carmen MacKeage,… Continue reading A Fall Cocktail Recipe


FIG FACE With advanced technology and Parisienne-chic style, this diminutive studio is modernizing skincare, one facial at a time     As a passionate skincare buff and advocate for self-care (love and kindness to thy-self), I have been on a quest to find out what leading facialists around the world are offering in 2020. After… Continue reading THE SECRET OF A GREAT FACIAL


If you’ve haven’t tired a microfibre washcloth, we suggest you add these reusable “towelettes” to your skincare routine immediately. Simple and inexpensive, micro-fiber mini-towels gently and safely use water to remove makeup without harsh chemicals and without stripping the skin of precious oils.