North Vancouver
British Columbia
Describe your home and with whom do you live?
I live with my husband, Adam, and our almost two-year-old daughter, Sophie in a townhouse. It’s about a 30-year-old townhouse, but we’ve done some updates. A fresh coat of paint works wonders on making a home feel fresh and clean. We decorated our living and dining space with an ‘ocean’ theme, and it feels airy, bright and cozy all at he same time.
What is your personal style in three words?
Simple, colourful & comfortable.
As a child, what did you dream about being when you grew up?
The only thing I can remember dreaming of being was a hairdresser haha! I used to love to do my barbies’ and dolls’ hair.
What do you love most about being a Holistic Nutritionist?
I love that I can help people get to the root of their health issues. Holistic nutrition means that we’re not using a band-aid approach to fixing someone’s health; rather, we’re figuring out why they have a certain symptom and using diet and lifestyle to get them feeling back to their best.
What is the rhythm of a normal day for you?
Right now, I wake up before my daughter (I’m sure that won’t last very long and I’m enjoying it while it lasts haha) and usually do 10-15 minutes of yoga. Then, my daughter wakes up and I make us both breakfast. Some days she’s with me all day and we head to the park and other days she is in childcare and I work. I aim to get a quick walk in every day. We do lots of our meal prep for dinners on Sunday, so I’m usually reheating leftovers or prepping something quick for dinner. After Sophie’s in bed, my husband and I always watch an episode of Netflix to unwind. We’re very into Blacklist right now!
Favourite Sunday dinner?
Anything my Mom makes, but we grew up having a roast beef and crispy roast potatoes on Sundays and I still look forward to that when I’m with my parents.
Three things you eat every day?
Matcha latte, flaxseed and some sort of nut butter. 
Three passions?
Food, family & nature.
Top tips for an inside/out approach to skincare? 
Yes! Skin health is 100% about what you put in your body. Not only do the foods you choose to eat give your skin the nutrients it requires, but inflammation in the gut – which is influenced by your diet – hugely affects skin health. Many clients that come to me for eczema, psoriasis and rosacea are surprised when we clear up their symptoms through healing their gut health.
Can you recommend top five foods for glowing skin?
Bell peppers (for the vitamin C), salmon (for the anti-inflammatory Omega 3s), avocados (for the vitamin E), spinach (for the vitamin C, antioxidants and many other nutrients it’s full of) and blueberries (for the antioxidants and vitamin C).
Describe your skincare routine?
I have the simplest routine, and I probably should do more! I wake up and put the Cosset French Plum Facial Oil on, and then a small amount of moisturizer. I then add a foundation with SPF and concealer under my eyes. That’s it! At night, I use a cleansing oil with water to remove my makeup and then some moisturizer before bed. 
Guilty Pleasure?
Chocolate anything! 🙂
How do you celebrate everyday beauty in this world?
With everything going on in the world this year, I’ve really tried to focus on what I am grateful for to keep a positive mindset. These have often been the smallest of things, but when I stop and reflect on the happiness they brought me, it does make the world feel like a more beautiful place. Little things like my daughter’s laugh, stopping to watch a Vancouver sunset or a cozy morning latte can bring so much happiness!
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