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Today’s FRIDAY FIVE by Courtney Faulkner

Founder of The Fairy Dog Mama


This interactive toy is great in so many ways! Not only is it made from eco-friendly materials, but it entertains your dog with mental stimulation, which is a crucial part of every dog’s life! Insert their favourite treats, and they are occupied in a fun, enriching way for a length of time!



Kongs are a classic and the original de-stuffer!   I love these because you can stuff fun different things into them, (like bully sticks, peanut butter, sweet potato, broth) and you can also freeze them to create more enrichment to “de-stuff”. Great for hot days or if you need your dog entertained for a duration of time!


Flirt Poles are an interactive game you can play with your dog when teaching impulse control. I use these when I am practicing impulse control with dogs, and they are an amazing outlet for dogs who have a strong prey drive. Prey drive is an instinctual behaviour that needs an outlet to be expressed! Impulse control is important for all dogs to learn, and it’s crucial to teach for safety of dogs and their owners.



Snuffle mats are another fun and interactive toy! These mats stimulate a dogs natural instinct to “forage” and help slow them down for meal times. These provide dogs with an opportunity to slow down and exercise their minds, like a fun puzzle!


Another favourite of mine is the outward hound invincible snake! This toy is sturdy, squeaks (most dogs love squeaky toys!), and this one is long enough to play tug. Tug is another instinctual behaviour dogs have and is such a fun game to play for both dogs and people. You can incorporate an endless amount of training exercises with it!


FRIDAY FIVE was written by Courtney Faulkner, founder of The Fairy Dog Mama.



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