With advanced technology and Parisienne-chic style,
this diminutive studio is modernizing skincare, one facial at a time



As a passionate skincare buff and advocate for self-care (love and kindness to thy-self), I have been on a quest to find out what leading facialists around the world are offering in 2020. After connecting with skincare technicians in Sydney, Paris, London and LA., I found one of the most interesting and leading edge salons right here on the West Coast in Vancouver, Canada.

Swathed in a green and pink cocoon, client’s receive treatments that are clean, 30 minutes or less and backed by technologically advanced science. My preference is always a non-invasive treatment, so I opted for the ALL-IN which included microdermabrasion, lifting, sculpting an hydrating – all in 30 mixtures! Micro-currents stimulate facial muscles and cellular metabolism. Ultrasound improves elasticity and collagen production. This powerhouse is finished off with LED light and oxygen therapy to boost circulation and finally topped off with a beautiful moisture treatment. Thumbs up! I left Fig Face with a glowing complexion and no redness or sensitivity. I immediately booked my second appointment and cannot wait to go back. Also of note, this is a non-tipping facial bar.

Here is a glimpse into the world of leading skincare expert, Jessica Walsh, the founder of Fig Face who moved from London to Vancouver a few years ago. With a career as a Creative Director and Fashion Director of well established brands and publications, Jessica’s brand vision included exquisite design and superb customer experience.



Describe your personal style in three words.  Vibrant. Evolving. Effortless.

Favourite Sunday activity?  Gardening + visiting our local farmers market.



Do you like to entertain, and what is your favourite meal to cook for guests?   One of life’s great pleasures. I am honing the art of pulling together parties at the drop of a hat. My focus is on the atmosphere, setting the mood + memories with lighting, music, table settings.  I like to spend time in conversation with my guests so the food is super simple sharing meals which need little attention once prepped.

Three passions? Family, Friends +  Fig.



If you could be teleported anywhere for dinner?   Sharing piles of mussels + fries with all my family + old friends at Chez Hortenze, Lege-Cap-Ferret.

Guilty pleasure?  Rosé, dark chocolate + collecting fabrics.



Did you have a mentor?  Actively looking.

Do you have a favourite facial to perform and why?   I love to receive the All-In, because it does it all in 30mins.



Is there one specific treatment that you feel benefits all people and should be performed a few times a year?   I’m more about consistency which drives results. A monthly facial works wonders.



Do you recommend certain foods for optimal skin health?   Foods rich in antioxidants and also omega-3 and a balance of omega-6. I also take my collagen powder daily. The Nue Co. Dr Nigma. Organika Health.



Can you recommend one home remedy that is natural, inexpensive and rejuvenating?   Cold showers, ice cube facials. Fantastic when you are cheated on sleep (actually sleep is THE remedy).

In your opinion, what is the secret of a great facial?   Feeling good in your skin after.


Find Fig Face here.

Instagram here.

Fig Bar, Kitsilano 2050 W. 4th Avenue, Vancouver. Canada  t. 604 423 3881

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