A Fall Cocktail Recipe


Combining their professional mixology backgrounds and creative artistic spirit, five Vancouver bartenders share their original recipe for a fall inspired cocktail that you can shake and sip, from the safety of your home. Each Friday we will be featuring of one these artistic mixers and their recipe for a delightful cozy cocktail.


 Carmen MacKeage, The Fifteen Group


In the past, Carmen may have mixed you a tasty drink at DB, Lumiere, Market at the Shangri-La Hotel, Fable, Vij’s or Tojo’s Restaurant. Carmen’s expertise in the industry is legendary and she now consults for many restaurants and bars through The Fifteen Group.

C.M’s TIP: “Don’t be afraid to experiment! Creating cocktails at home can mean you are limited by what you have in your personal bar. Get to know the flavour profiles of the ingredients you have on hand and experiment with how they can come together to create something new and delectable.”

Carmen talked about her inspiration behind the drink: This cocktail was created in honour of all the firefighters and first responders working through challenges facing the Pacific Coast and keeping everyone who has been touched by this tragedy in our hearts.

Smoke Gets in your Eyes

1.5oz Mezcal

0.75oz Cherry Heering Liqueur

2oz Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Egg White

2 dashes Cedar bitters (Angostura will also compliment this palette if you don’t have Cedar handy)

  1. Dry shake the egg white to aerate
  2. Add Mezcal, Cherry Heering, and Lemon Juice to shaker over ice
  3. Shake until frothy and double strain into Coupe (or vessel of your choosing)
  4. Dash of bitters to top

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