If you’ve haven’t tired a microfibre washcloth, we suggest you add these reusable “towelettes” to your skincare routine immediately. Simple and inexpensive, micro-fiber mini-towels gently and safely use water to remove makeup without harsh chemicals and without stripping the skin of precious oils. While lately, we’ve heard people extolling the virtue of muslin wipes or babyface cloths, these do not have the same benefit to the skin. Each microfibre cloth contains thousands of tiny fibers. Using only water, these fibers gently grab hold of makeup, debris, and invisible surface dirt. The end result is a clean palette, allowing the active ingredients in facial oils and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into the skin for greater efficacy.

Benefit 1 – Reduces toxic skin absorption

While many facial cleansers tend to be labeled as “safe for sensitive skin”, the chemicals and formulations used in these products are rarely gentle. Often cleansers and their chemical components are the culprits for breakouts, eye irritations, and clogged pores.
Using Microfibre cloths regularly can reduce the build-up of toxins and safeguard your skin’s barrier.

Benefit 2 – Sustainable + Reusable + Budget Friendly
Microfibre cloths are affordable and can be used to remove makeup and grime hundreds of times. This is a sustainable alternative to single-use, throw-away cleaning wipes. These cloths wash up easily in your washing machine so that you can have a clean stack by your sink at all times.
Method: At Cosset Co., we recommend double cleansing using the following method:
Step 1: Remove makeup with micellar water such as Bioderma Sensibio H2O for Sensitive Skin.
Step 2: Follow by wetting a microfibre cloth with warm water and gently sweeping across the face and eyes.
Step 3: Pat face gently with a soft towel and apply 3-4 Cosset Co. Beauty Droplets to damp skin. Follow by sealing in the facial oil with the moisturizer of choice.

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