New York based Stylist
Wardrobe Consultant
Editorial Stylist + Photography Stylist


Describe your home and your neighbourhood.   I lived in a middle class neighbourhood in the suburbs.

What is your personal style in three words?   I can’t really say, My personal style depends on my mood.

Favourite Cocktail?  My all time favourite drink is Moscato Wine.

Late night snack?  Depends on what’s in front of me or in my house.

Favourite Brunch spot?  I have a lot of favourite brunch spots but my favourite brunch is Fried Chicken and Waffles. LOL


Three passions besides fashion?  I genuinely love helping people that’s why if I wasn’t in the fashion Industry I’d most likely probably be in the medical field, social work guidance counsellor or even a speech therapist

How do you celebrate beauty in your daily life?  I celebrate beauty by taking good care of myself, making sure I try and drink lots of water every day, eating healthy and pampering myself.

Do you believe in a style “uniform”?  No, I don’t believe in style uniform, It should depend on how you feel.

FIVE pieces you can’t live without (besides a trench coat). That would be a blazer, leather jacket, high waisted jeans, thigh-high boots and lastly hoodies.

Can you tell us how your career as a stylist developed?  My career as stylist developed when I started working  for different fashion companies like Prada, Burberry and Tory Burch. I also worked at  Saks Fifth Avenue also  then working as a freelancer for fashion companies.



When did you writing articles for online magazines?  I recently started writing in my blog about strong and powerful women  my blog is connected to my fashion brand I plan on launching  this year then I was featured in a famous fashion platform Who What Wear.

Was there a mentor in your career?  Definitely yes, I had a few mentors back then they are the ones that pushed me, helped me and guided me through my career. One of which is Mr. Clark I love him to death. 

Three tips for people who want to start a styling career?  My three tips would be to stay focused , stay positive and don’t listen to any negativity that others have to say.

With more of us working from home, can you give us some tips on what to wear to feel good about ourselves and still feel comfortable?  My major tip would be to wear silk pajamas, they are so comfy and cozy also you will  feel sexy at home in your office .

Three online fashion shops?  I recommend Nastygal, Misguided and Pretty Little Things. They have great stuff and affordable at the same time.

What advice would you give the younger version of yourself?  I wouldn’t give any advice to myself because you need to go through life experiences to understand yourself more, I am who  I am today, stronger and wiser because of the experiences I went through and I am proud of that. 

If you could be teleported anywhere in the world for dinner?  That definitely would  be Italy, I love Italian food.

3 Hidden Gems in your city. That would be having dinner by the water, dope scenery and great restaurants.

Guilty Pleasure?  salads and shopping.

My message to all is that live the life you always wanted, chase your dreams , do  something you’re going to be proud of someday because life is too short to be stuck in a corner. 

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