Where do you live?  Currently outside of Chattanooga, TN

What is your personal style in three words?  Feminine, fun, and textured/layered. 

Favourite Sunday Dinner?  A pasta dish! I love pasta anytime but something about having it on a Sunday makes it extra comforting and delicious. 

Favourite Cocktail?  Mezcal Negroni


Best Hostess Gift?  You can never go wrong with a chic candle, but I also love gifting a nice hand wash + hand cream combo. Seems basic, but it’s always so appreciated and loved. It’s a nice luxury in the home that most people don’t usually splurge on for themselves. Grown Alchemist is a fav- especially their hand cream!

Three passions?  Travel, design, and constant exploration.  

How do you celebrate beauty in your daily life?   I always make time for skincare, even when I don’t feel like it! But most importantly, I work at keeping myself centered. No amount of skincare in the world can fix an overly stressed and anxious mind, and the effects of that on your body. For me, only by being in the right mindset am I truly open to seeing and reflecting all of the beauty of everyday life.  

Describe your skincare routine?  In the mornings it’s the bare minimum, a splash of water, a little facial massage, and a moisturizer to start the day. In the evenings, that’s where my full routine comes in and I really take my time. My exact routine varies depending on the day/season. I believe in switching it up by listening to my skin’s needs and what’s going on in my life at the moment. But I always cleanse(gently), tone, use a serum, moisturize and then apply a facial oil. Some nights, I need a thicker neck and eye cream and will do an eye mask.  

Can you tell us how your career as a writer developed?   I have always loved writing but thought there was no way that I could simply become a “writer.” So instead, I honed my skills by first working in public relations- where unbeknownst to me at the time, writing is an ESSENTIAL part of the job. Through this, I learned so much about the media landscape. Working on the “other side” has given me  a unique lens as to what a good writer should do and how they should operate. My career in PR also taught me how to pitch, which is one of the most important skills a writer should have too. 



Was there a mentor in your career?   I have met so many inspiring people along the way that I’ve learned from. I try to listen and learn from everyone, but I do have a mentor that I began working with in PR. She taught me so much of everything I know about writing and the professional world as a whole. It’s such a special relationship for someone to truly care about your success and professional development. And it hasn’t stopped, I rely on her to this day! 

Three tips for people who want to start freelance writing.

  1. WRITE- it seems obvious, but this is something I am constantly reminding myself to do. Even if no one sees it, even if you think you are rambling, and most importantly, even when you aren’t feeling like it- write! Writing and storytelling is innate to the human experience, do what comes natural and then refine from there. 
  2. Be persistent- things take time, and it can be frustrating to feel like your writing isn’t out in the world in the way you wish it was. Be patient, be flexible, be willing to adjust, and stay at it. Become a master of the follow-up. 
  3. Be specific- make yourself a valuable resource to the editor/brand, etc that you want to write for. Make their jobs easier and let them know why you are the best person to tell this story. 


What advice would you give the younger version of yourself?   It’s not that deep! This is a saying I often use as a reminder to not be so caught up in the small details, and to let things go. Things are going to change, life is going to happen, and it’s all about perspective. 


If you could be teleported anywhere in the world for dinner?  This is so hard. But, going to have to go with Marrakech, for now. Would absolutely love a good tagine while tasting, smelling and seeing all the spices and vibrancy of the Red City! It’s magic! 

3 Hidden Gems in your city

  1. Taqueria Jalisco – ANIA: the best tacos, guac and mezcal negroni!
  2. The Hot Chocolatier: Frozen lavender hot chocolate and delicious truffles. 
  3. Wildflower Tea Shop – Incredible hand blended loose-leaf teas and a small but well curated apothecary selection. 

Favourite hotel?   Boutique hotels are my obsession, and one of my absolute favorite parts of traveling. It’s so hard to pick just one! I love those that incorporate nature, design, and a retreat into slow living. 

Casa Antonieta and Grana B&B in Oaxaca City are both special to me, well designed and the best vibe. I absolutely love so many riads in Morocco.  During quarantine, I’ve been dreaming about the boutique stays I want to experience like Sussurro in Mozambique, The Kumaon in the Himalayas…and the list goes on and on!!!! 

Guilty Pleasure?   All the reality TV- Bravo is my ultimate guilty pleasure! 

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