About Us


verb    / ˈkɒs .ɪt /

to care for lovingly

Formulated to embrace beauty, nature, health, and the latest in scientific research, Cosset Co. is a family business started by two sisters devoted to full-body wellness. 

After years of struggling to find products in the skincare market that possessed integrity and the ability to work with the body’s natural capacity for healing, they developed the idea of formulating their own. They envisioned a line of natural products utilizing pure plant oils to work in synergy with the skin to reduce inflammation and reverse the signs of aging. Thus, Cosset Co. was born.

Cosset Co.’s product line combines the nurturing effects of antioxidant-rich, super-plant ingredients to formulate quality products that help health and beauty-conscious users uncover their radiant beauty. Unlike standard cosmetics, cleansers, and moisturizers, Cosset Co’s products help you simplify your beauty routine and take your health into your own hands. 

Using ethically sourced virgin cold-pressed plant oils, and 0% synthetic harmful additives, Cosset Co. helps restore your internal balance and unleash your skin’s natural radiance.